Friday, January 13, 2012

Blade Anime Series Airs in the US

Fans in the US would surely find this interesting. The Blade anime series from Japan is finally going to air on US television. It can be noted that the said anime series was based from a famous Hollywood movie franchise of the same title. The Blade movie was, of course, starred by the well-known actor Wesley Snipes. Marvel announcement says that actor Harold Perrineau's voice will be starred in the anime series. It will be televised on G4TV at 11pm US time.

Here is a synopsis of the series' storyline:
"Born from a human mother who was vampire-bitten while pregnant, Blade lives a life with a mix of human and vampire bloods giving him both a vampire's remarkable strength and a human's sunlight invulnerability. Along with vampire hunter Makoto, he was bound to avenge his mother's death and was on his way to track and take down the main antagonist, Deacon Frost. While on his search all over Asia, he was also bound to destroy Frost's modified vampire organization called Existence."
The Blade anime series aired in Japan was a 12-episode stint. It was aired from July to September of last year and was directed by Mitsuyuki Masuhara (also the director of anime series Kobato). The series starred the voices of Akio Ohtsuka as Blade, Maaya Sakamoto as Makoto, Tsutomu Isobe as Deacon Frost and Osamu Saka as Noah Van Hellsing.

Click on the link to watch Blade anime's trailer.

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