Thursday, January 12, 2012

Turning Anime Series to Hollywood Movies

Anime, in general, is surely making its presence felt all over the globe. What was once only an Asian craze is now a very much talked about hit even in the Americas and Europe. With a massive number of supporters and addicts worldwide, you can't possibly doubt how much potential the anime market has.

Naruto, Bleach and One Piece - who could possibly not be watching or even know about these viral hits? Well, there could be a few 'cause there are always an exception to the rule, right? Anyways, the 3 previously mentioned anime series are called the Big 3 by supporters. They are known for having literally long storyline but are still being followed by an overwhelming number of die-hard fans. But why not? Anime has this interesting and eye-catching elements to it that you can't find in the conventional cartoons.

Anime series, on its own, are already sensational. But how about if some Hollywood producers turn it into a Hollywood movie? Wouldn't you call it cool? Why? Because it could make anime even more known to the world.

It can be remembered that 2 remarkably known anime series, Astroboy and Dragonball, have both been turned into Hollywood movies. On the case of Dragonball, the movie's storyline was sadly quite far from that of the anime series where it was based. For Dragonball anime series fans, it was a major disappointment. How could producers possibly change a already very known plot? Well, the movie may have been remarkable visual effect-wise but since the movie was based from something already known to people, I think it's a taboo to have it modified. Anime fans would say it's a big no-no. It's maybe just a general problem because that's also the case when famous novels are made into movies. True? Absolutely yes!!!

And now, rumors have it that well-loved anime series Cowboy Bebop would be made into a Hollywood movie stint. Excited? Personally, it's a big yes because I am a big fan of the said anime series. Keanu Reeves is gossiped to play the lead role named Spike. If the rumors are true about this anticipated movie project, it could be a major hit in the movie scene. Why? Because with a good known storyline plus amazing actors, its potential is sky-rocketing.

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  1. When it comes to anime, video game, cartoon turned live-action and almost anything else not belonging to the US picked up by Hollywood, 99% of the time you know they'll screw it up. Speed Racer is another example you could have added. I stopped expecting great things from Hollywood when it comes to adaptations of foreign media. Sure they make good movies with their own comics but again, their own local media but even their hometown products tend to deliver failures from time to time as well. The DC comics: Name one series other than Batman and the old school Superman movies that were successful in the box office.