Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sankarea Episode 1, 2 and 3 - We're In for Another Zombie Series

Hello everyone!!! Hope all of you are doing fine. :)

Today, we'll going to cover up an episodic review for another interesting series that is also out for the spring season, entitled SANKAREA. The series was out weeks ago but this is the first time that I'd be covering this up. It's on its 4th episode already but I'd be writing for the first three episodes first 'cause I still haven't checked the 4th one.

Now, let's begin with the synopsis:
The series' story revolves around an ordinary male high school student, Chihiro Furuya, who has this  very unlikely love and passion for zombies. His passion leads him to become a collector of stuffs ranging from movies to video games and even other weird zombie stuffs. But the most weird thing about him is his desire to be in love with a zombie girl. He says that he not into living women but he has this fetish for the undead ladies instead.
One day, Chihiro's beloved cat, Babu, died after it has been hit by a car. This leads Chihiro to come up with an idea of creating a resurrection potion from an old book to revive his dead cat. At the time of his potion experimentation,  he also encounters a lovely girl named Sanka Rea, who is the daughter of a much respected school's headmaster. After that encounter, the two came to meet each other to keep formulating for the right potion. And then one day, Rea kept some of the potion they made without Chihiro even knowing about it.
That same night, Rea's father found out that she has been sneaking out of the house for several times already, causing a very bad argument between them. Rea not enduring the pain of her own problems with her father, she drinks the resurrection potion she kept in order to commit suicide. Unfortunately, it failed to kill her but turned her into a zombie instead.

I want to start off by saying that I love this series for countless reasons. What I like the most about this series is the storyline. Well, yeah. The zombie-plot thing could be the most unoriginal thing when it comes to story. But I don't think that's the case for anime series. Well, there could one or two series with this kind of story but not one that has this exact theme,with a little to obvious focus on the zombie plot without sacrificing the other element of the story.

At first, I thought that this would turn out to be one to those too fictional series. But to my surprise (and much to my delight), I find it very light and not to overcrowded with too fictional chracters, armors, powers and costumes. I specifically love the underlying story of the problem within Rea's family and how this has affected her social life. It's something I thought that most viewers will relate to.

The flow of the story is also nicely interconnected though at times, I could get confuse as to whether it is the present or the past. But for now, I'd say that this series has a very interesting storyline.

Another plus for this series are the characters themselves. Well, you can really call them awesome but for thing, they could capture your attention and even your heart, which for my case, Rea's character has grown very effective for me basically because of the situation that she is in. On the other hand, Chihiro is one memorable guy considering that his character is not one of those stereotypical anime guys with all too stereotypical personality. In the beginning, I'd thought he'd be gross and all that, but his zombie fetish is something I really find refreshing. Chihiro's younger sister, Mero, is also very lovable and I honestly want to see more of her in the coming episodes. Her impassive face is all to cute for me. :) Wanko is another thing 'cause I don't like her aura of a very slutty cousin who could possibly be in love with her cousin Chihiro.

The animation was quite alright though I can't say it's one of the best. Well, it's really enough for this kind of story of not too fictional characters and stuffs. But I think I must say this. The opening song kind of suck to me 'cause I though it was really boring. To tell you honestly, this is the reason why I almost gave up on this series. Thankfully, the story itself made up for such a boring opening song. And now, I do not have any regrets for having watched this series.

For now, the best moment in the series is when Rea turned into a zombie. I wonder how her zombie character would turn out and how Chihiro and the other character would deal with her existence. We also all know that Rea's mother, Aria, has this obvious contempt for her daughter. I'm expecting future scenes dealing up with Aria on a deeper level. I am also sensing a very nice romance between Rea and Chihiro. I am honestly looking forward to that.

In conclusion, this series has made quite a strong impression for it's first three episodes. Generally, the series is quite impressive and I am really looking forward to the coming episodes. It was too unfortunate that I covered this up very late already. But better late than never, right? :)
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Episode 2 - Is Nyaruko Really Saying Goodbye?

Hi there again!!!

I just finished watching the second episode of Haiyore! Nyaruko-san. I've heard a lot of people say that this series is totally stupid. Okay! I'll give you that for the reason that you are completely right. However, I think I maybe adding that with a big BUT. But its undeniably stupid nature is actually the reason why I am still watching this series. The truth is that this series is eating up all of my sanity points. :)

Now, off to the proper review. One thing I love the most about this certain episode is the introduction of the character I am very excited of (of course, other than my beloved Nyaruko-san). Her name is Kuko. She is quite fiery and in contradiction to Nyaruko-san's gregarious personality, she has that very impassive look. I need not to mention it but she is really cute. For one thing, she's into a yuri love with Nyaruko. Sadly, she could not get the reciprocity of the love considering Nyaruko is very much in love with Mahiro. The truth is that I was really expecting for Kuko to also fall in love with Mahiro just like Nyaruko. But I proved that I was wrong. Totally wrong. :)

As for Mahiro, I am kind of getting to like his character. Not that I am into boring type but because he may be starting to realize that Nyaruko is already special for him. You can obviously see that on the latter part of the episode.

Nyaruko still talks a gigantic amount of words, some of which may be exaggerated but I never want to mind that. It's the humor and Nyaruko herself that I am after. Obviously, she is very much in love with our stereotypical protagonist.

Moving on, it turned out that Nyaruko and Kuko have already known each other in the past. What I was just disappointed about is when Kuko was easily defeated by Nyaruko-san Space CQC Enhancer. Weird terms? I know right? :) Anyways, I would have wanted to watch more fight scenes between the two females in this episode, though we're really not vying for that in this kind of series.

The ugly, hairy old-guy named Nodens was kind of out place but I almost laughed out loud when he said that the reason why he is very much interested with Mahiro is because the latter was in prospect to be the main protagonist of am anime series in the making.

Just to point out that I am not going bias for my fondness with Nyaruko, I believe her transformation was a bit boring. No, wait. Maybe it really is boring. :)

This maybe the first time I got interested with the ending song. I really find it relatively cute. RAMM's voice is really cute. :)

Concluding? Honestly, I don't know what to make out of this weird love triangle. If only Kuko was in love with Mahiro rather than Nyaruko, it would have been more like it. One thing is for sure though. Kuko is coming back for more fun and that she will be playing a more distinct role rather than just being Nyaruko's nemesis and lover. And now that Nodens is finally defeated and that Nyaruko is still here to stay, I believe we are in for another adventure to come. This episode is generally fun though (again) I can't promise you anything special aside from the humor. :)
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Accel World Episode 3 - Kuro Might Be In Trouble

Hi guys!!!

The episode 3 of Accel World is already out and today, I'm going make an episodic review on it. The series started strong and everyone surely has a lot of expectation for the coming episodes.

Disappointingly, I want to start this review by saying that this is episode is surprising disappointing and boring. It's disappointing because I couldn't feel the very effective feelings that are incorporated in the manga. Just to be honest, I got so bored waiting for this episode so I checked out the manga version. On the part of Kuroyukihime's confession to Haru about her real identity as the hunted Black King of Burst Link, the manga version proves to be better because it held so much emotion and suspense in which the anime version hasn't been able to incorporate.

Furthermore, I was a bit disappointed (though nothing major) on the part where Haru visited Chiyu on her house. I was expecting Chiyu to be angrier and more emotional than how she was portrayed in the anime. Manga-wise, I was more into the emotions that Chiyu possessed in the manga.

Personally, this episode turned out boring except for two shocking revelations - that Kuro is in fact The Black King and that Chiyu might be the Kuro's starker, Cyan Pile. Aside from that, the other scenes are just mediocre  watch.

Having said the things above, I will still give this series a go considering that Accel World has other good points than just the scenes. The storyline is still at good, though a little predictable (I don't care about that :D). The OP song was just good enough, though not that amazing. On the other side, the ending song was really great. KOTOKO's voice is another thing why I am so watching this series. :) The use of dramatic background music on Kuro's confession part was also very suitable for the scene and I loved it.

The direct link between Haru and Chiyu using just a very short cable was a fun scene for me and honestly, I thought it could lead to a perverted scenes but fortunately, it didn't. That scene was a very emotionally-effective scene and I was totally affected. What's not just clear to me is Chiyu's real feeling for Haru. She might just want to bring back their old trio friendship together with Taku. To bring back the past where they we're happy friends, but then I thought she might just be jealous of Kuro.

And now, there's Taku. Have already read the manga, I decided that Taku is another very interesting character. I don't want to get into details 'cause it might become a major spoiler but yeah, Taku is a must watch out.

I also want to point out that Haru, Taku and Chiyu are very cute as children. Kawaii!!!

In conclusion, I hope the next episode will hold more emotions that this one to better connect with the viewers. I'm still watching this but it better bring in good upcoming episode when it comes to portraying emotions. At this point, it's safe to say that this series is pretty much very interesting and a must watch. :)

P.S. Storyline, just like I've said, is very good. Looking forward to the coming episodes. :)

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Episode 1 - Nyaruko Really Talks a Lot

Hello everyone!

Considering how many new series will be released this season, I just don't seem to know which to series to cover first. Well, I'm already covering one and that is Accel World. I'd thought that I'll never make up my mind but I came across a series called Haiyore! Nyaruko-san and decided to have it covered. 

Now, let's start off with the synopsis:
The story revolves around an ordinary boy named Mahiro Yasaka who met an encounter with a silver-haired, human-like alien girl in the name of Nyarlathotep, also called the Nyaruko. Nyaruko was sent to Earth from an outer space organization to stop a syndicate from doing illegal transactions on Earth and more importantly, to protect her supposed protectee which happens to be Mahiro. The series continues as they fight more monsters and deals with Nyaruko's 'love-at-first-sight' love for Mahiro.
My first impression for this series is that it's got be quite interesting. First thing off, this series surely is funny. The humor that they injected in this series may not be far from other series, but who doesn't like funny series.

As for the characters, they're pretty much stereotypical but personally, Nyaruko is easily likable. It has to be because she likes to talk a lot and that her hyperactivity is far from annoying. Sadly, Mahiro's character is nothing memorable and that I could easily dose of to sleep watching this series if not for Nyaruko's existence and the presence of humor.

Storyline? It's is pretty much predictable and if you're looking for something unique, then this series is not for you. But if you're looking for something just to kill off the time, then this is quite good, thought I honestly can't say there's something special that this series has to offer.

The first episode is more about getting to know Nyaruko's character and the nature of her work on Earth. I can see more lovey-dovey scenes between Mahiro and Nyaruko in the coming episodes. We all know that more fight scenes will be happening too but I don't think I'll be that interesting. We also had a glimpse of the possible villain in this episode. That's one thing that I'm looking forward to in this series because it has to be another catfight.

Generally, first episode is a little bland but I decided to cover this series up because of Nyaruko. :) If I had to rate this up, I'd give this a 6.5 over 10. Funny how I think this series is not that memorable but then, I'm still watching it.
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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Accel World Episode 2 - Haru is a Very Lucky Guy

In relation to my very recent post, I decided to cover the series Accel World. I have a lot of expectations for this series considering how strong the first episode was. First and foremost, I think the characters are well versed and came out rather very likable especially the two main protagonists, Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime. Kuro was my early favorite 'cause she's my type of anime girl, someone who's very confident and strong without sacrificing a pretty face. :) Haru, on the other hand, is pretty much a favorite because underdogs like him makes a better story.

Now, let's go to my review. I appreciate the fact that Haru lost the first time he met his challenger. Stereotypically, I've gotten so bored with the protagonist being able win the first war, challenge, game or whatever you can call such. I'm just pretty much into the fact that newbies can't really win that easily. In other words, keeping in line with reality. :)

The fight scenes was rather a little boring. But I honestly understand remembering that the episode was suppose to be a 'continuation' of the pilot episode. Things were clarified and that's something that I personally like about this episode. It's more like getting into the series' vibe and knowing more what the series is all about, especially knowing how Brain Burst works.

Involving two pretty anime girls, I feel like a competition is brewing up between Kuroyukihime and Chiyuri. Man, cat-fights are my most desired fetish. :) I'd say we have a pretty good match coming in. Call me a bias but I'd take Kuroyukihime's side.
I can also see a deeper side of Kuroyukihime in the coming episodes, something I got a hint from her talk with Haru in their supposed 'battlefield'. Kuro's feeling towards Haru is still a little vague but I somehow smell a little romance between them.

In conclusion, I enjoyed watching the episode. I'm just rooting for more intense fight scenes. The series is still good for recommendation. One last thing, I think Haru's avatar is a little too plain. I hope he'll be able to got some upgrades :)
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Friday, April 6, 2012

Accel World Takes Us to the Year 2040

I was looking for upcoming anime series to watch and I happened to come across a series entitled Accel World (short for Acceleration World). At first, I was so reluctant to watch the first episode considering that the main male protagonist is a fat boy named Haruyuki Arita. It's just that I am not into his kind of characters. But guess what? Unfortunately, I have to eat my words after watching the pilot episode. :)

The main characters.
Well then, let's start with the synopsis:
Being bullied a lot, Haru is ahort, fat boy who apparently have the lowest of esteem. In order to escape torment of the real world, he usually logs in into the virtual world network which has become a widespread hobby for people. In the virtual world, people are able to manipulate their senses thus, letting them access the internet without a problem.
Escaping into the virtual world, Haru plays his favorite game Squash where he usually gets the high score. One day, he finds out that an unknown player has taken over his previous top score. The unknown player happens to be his secret crush and virtual player goddess Kuroyukihime. Out from his league, Haru finds himself being offered by Kuro an application called Brain Burst that enables users to accelerate their brainwaves in the real world.
Kuro asks for Haru's help in order to reached Level 10 letting her meet the creator of Brain Burst. Unfortunately, it wasn't an easy task to make through considering that Kuro has to defeat five Level 9 users. Not just any regular Level 9 users but the powerful leaders of the top leading factions in Burst Brain called the 'The Six Kings of Pure Color'.

 My first impression? Based on the first episode, this series could be a potential hit. In contrary to what I previously said, I find Haru easily likable. Not because I have to be on his side just because he is being bullied, but rather because he is unconsciously funny and for the record, he is cute. :)

The series also features some other likable characters like my very recent favorite anime character, Kuroyukihime. I'd say that Akemi Homura has found a match in Kuro's presence. Kidding aside, I love both characters. 

Plot-wise, it's not the most original but I love the fact that it involves very impressive fictional technologies. Connecting to the internet without the need of physically devices is my favorite. The series has made a strong start, making us wanting for more episodes to come. The pilot episode's ending was surprisingly awesome knowing that a new challenger is on Haru's way.

When in comes to animation, the series can't boast on this category but it's not bad either. Let's just say it's plain mediocre.

In conclusion, in a range of 1-10, I'd give this an 8.5. I'd be watching the next episodes hoping that it would be as interesting as the first episode. On final note, Haru is obviously an easy underdog but let's not give up on him. He might just have some actions hiding over there. :)
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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Second Wave of Zombie Madness Brewing Up

The zombie and the pink chainsaw is finally back. Ayumu Aikawa and the rest of the gang is ready to make a lot of anime fans happy with the second season of much-loved series Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? (formally entitled Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead). Aired on Tokyo MX, the first episode made its broadcast on April 4, 2012.

Because the first episode was just aired very recently, I guess it's the perfect time to make a first impression review on this one. I'll start by saying that this season has a lot of reasons to be interesting. First reason is because its just as outrageously funny as the first season, impossibly making you bored as you watch it. The bareback Haruna who thought her powers are back is absolutely my favorite funny moment of the episode. Aikawa's cross-dressing is another thing I've always love from season one.

I'm absolutely happy that the whole bunch is back but I'm happier with the fact that additional interesting characters Sarasvati and Chris, would make this season a lot more better to watch out for.

I should say the ending theme was impressive minus the fact that I don't find the song used very memorable. Oh yeah the video was good but the song was a different matter. Let's just say that the song was not on my genre of choice.

However, the first episode failed to give us cues as to what the following episodes have in store for us and how the storyline would flow. Also, the 'Fairy' of whom Aikawa encountered in the science lab still doesn't have a clear view on her role in the series. But her cuteness and obvious funny antics are just some addition to things to watch out for.

Eu has always been my favorite and that's just another reason why I'm so much relieved that the second season is finally here. She has always been trying to flirt with Aikawa but I think that's what makes her cuter.

Eucliwood Hellscythe

In totality, the series has made a good start in its second season just like how we expect it to be. All I hope is that the coming episodes wouldn't disappoint us. If this is what a zombie apocalypse is like, I'd be more than willing to participate. :)
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