Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sankarea Episode 1, 2 and 3 - We're In for Another Zombie Series

Hello everyone!!! Hope all of you are doing fine. :)

Today, we'll going to cover up an episodic review for another interesting series that is also out for the spring season, entitled SANKAREA. The series was out weeks ago but this is the first time that I'd be covering this up. It's on its 4th episode already but I'd be writing for the first three episodes first 'cause I still haven't checked the 4th one.

Now, let's begin with the synopsis:
The series' story revolves around an ordinary male high school student, Chihiro Furuya, who has this  very unlikely love and passion for zombies. His passion leads him to become a collector of stuffs ranging from movies to video games and even other weird zombie stuffs. But the most weird thing about him is his desire to be in love with a zombie girl. He says that he not into living women but he has this fetish for the undead ladies instead.
One day, Chihiro's beloved cat, Babu, died after it has been hit by a car. This leads Chihiro to come up with an idea of creating a resurrection potion from an old book to revive his dead cat. At the time of his potion experimentation,  he also encounters a lovely girl named Sanka Rea, who is the daughter of a much respected school's headmaster. After that encounter, the two came to meet each other to keep formulating for the right potion. And then one day, Rea kept some of the potion they made without Chihiro even knowing about it.
That same night, Rea's father found out that she has been sneaking out of the house for several times already, causing a very bad argument between them. Rea not enduring the pain of her own problems with her father, she drinks the resurrection potion she kept in order to commit suicide. Unfortunately, it failed to kill her but turned her into a zombie instead.

I want to start off by saying that I love this series for countless reasons. What I like the most about this series is the storyline. Well, yeah. The zombie-plot thing could be the most unoriginal thing when it comes to story. But I don't think that's the case for anime series. Well, there could one or two series with this kind of story but not one that has this exact theme,with a little to obvious focus on the zombie plot without sacrificing the other element of the story.

At first, I thought that this would turn out to be one to those too fictional series. But to my surprise (and much to my delight), I find it very light and not to overcrowded with too fictional chracters, armors, powers and costumes. I specifically love the underlying story of the problem within Rea's family and how this has affected her social life. It's something I thought that most viewers will relate to.

The flow of the story is also nicely interconnected though at times, I could get confuse as to whether it is the present or the past. But for now, I'd say that this series has a very interesting storyline.

Another plus for this series are the characters themselves. Well, you can really call them awesome but for thing, they could capture your attention and even your heart, which for my case, Rea's character has grown very effective for me basically because of the situation that she is in. On the other hand, Chihiro is one memorable guy considering that his character is not one of those stereotypical anime guys with all too stereotypical personality. In the beginning, I'd thought he'd be gross and all that, but his zombie fetish is something I really find refreshing. Chihiro's younger sister, Mero, is also very lovable and I honestly want to see more of her in the coming episodes. Her impassive face is all to cute for me. :) Wanko is another thing 'cause I don't like her aura of a very slutty cousin who could possibly be in love with her cousin Chihiro.

The animation was quite alright though I can't say it's one of the best. Well, it's really enough for this kind of story of not too fictional characters and stuffs. But I think I must say this. The opening song kind of suck to me 'cause I though it was really boring. To tell you honestly, this is the reason why I almost gave up on this series. Thankfully, the story itself made up for such a boring opening song. And now, I do not have any regrets for having watched this series.

For now, the best moment in the series is when Rea turned into a zombie. I wonder how her zombie character would turn out and how Chihiro and the other character would deal with her existence. We also all know that Rea's mother, Aria, has this obvious contempt for her daughter. I'm expecting future scenes dealing up with Aria on a deeper level. I am also sensing a very nice romance between Rea and Chihiro. I am honestly looking forward to that.

In conclusion, this series has made quite a strong impression for it's first three episodes. Generally, the series is quite impressive and I am really looking forward to the coming episodes. It was too unfortunate that I covered this up very late already. But better late than never, right? :)


  1. Can I punch her father already? Can I?! :D

    1. absolutely...do you want to gang punch him dude? I am so up for that :P

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