Sunday, April 22, 2012

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Episode 2 - Is Nyaruko Really Saying Goodbye?

Hi there again!!!

I just finished watching the second episode of Haiyore! Nyaruko-san. I've heard a lot of people say that this series is totally stupid. Okay! I'll give you that for the reason that you are completely right. However, I think I maybe adding that with a big BUT. But its undeniably stupid nature is actually the reason why I am still watching this series. The truth is that this series is eating up all of my sanity points. :)

Now, off to the proper review. One thing I love the most about this certain episode is the introduction of the character I am very excited of (of course, other than my beloved Nyaruko-san). Her name is Kuko. She is quite fiery and in contradiction to Nyaruko-san's gregarious personality, she has that very impassive look. I need not to mention it but she is really cute. For one thing, she's into a yuri love with Nyaruko. Sadly, she could not get the reciprocity of the love considering Nyaruko is very much in love with Mahiro. The truth is that I was really expecting for Kuko to also fall in love with Mahiro just like Nyaruko. But I proved that I was wrong. Totally wrong. :)

As for Mahiro, I am kind of getting to like his character. Not that I am into boring type but because he may be starting to realize that Nyaruko is already special for him. You can obviously see that on the latter part of the episode.

Nyaruko still talks a gigantic amount of words, some of which may be exaggerated but I never want to mind that. It's the humor and Nyaruko herself that I am after. Obviously, she is very much in love with our stereotypical protagonist.

Moving on, it turned out that Nyaruko and Kuko have already known each other in the past. What I was just disappointed about is when Kuko was easily defeated by Nyaruko-san Space CQC Enhancer. Weird terms? I know right? :) Anyways, I would have wanted to watch more fight scenes between the two females in this episode, though we're really not vying for that in this kind of series.

The ugly, hairy old-guy named Nodens was kind of out place but I almost laughed out loud when he said that the reason why he is very much interested with Mahiro is because the latter was in prospect to be the main protagonist of am anime series in the making.

Just to point out that I am not going bias for my fondness with Nyaruko, I believe her transformation was a bit boring. No, wait. Maybe it really is boring. :)

This maybe the first time I got interested with the ending song. I really find it relatively cute. RAMM's voice is really cute. :)

Concluding? Honestly, I don't know what to make out of this weird love triangle. If only Kuko was in love with Mahiro rather than Nyaruko, it would have been more like it. One thing is for sure though. Kuko is coming back for more fun and that she will be playing a more distinct role rather than just being Nyaruko's nemesis and lover. And now that Nodens is finally defeated and that Nyaruko is still here to stay, I believe we are in for another adventure to come. This episode is generally fun though (again) I can't promise you anything special aside from the humor. :)


  1. Hey look, another fail blogger who thinks he knows what he's talking about by calling my team a "cheater".

    You have RandomC on your blogroll. Enough said.

    1. oh okay!!!I admit that I must be wrong for saying that but you know, that would be most people's initial reaction when things like that happen...really sorry dude... :)

  2. I wonder when the third blonde girl is going to get introduced...:P

    1. same here feal...but i don't think she'll be in the next episode already...but we'll look forward to that 'cause she seems exciting to me... :) so you really like blonde girls huh?... lol :P