Saturday, April 21, 2012

Accel World Episode 3 - Kuro Might Be In Trouble

Hi guys!!!

The episode 3 of Accel World is already out and today, I'm going make an episodic review on it. The series started strong and everyone surely has a lot of expectation for the coming episodes.

Disappointingly, I want to start this review by saying that this is episode is surprising disappointing and boring. It's disappointing because I couldn't feel the very effective feelings that are incorporated in the manga. Just to be honest, I got so bored waiting for this episode so I checked out the manga version. On the part of Kuroyukihime's confession to Haru about her real identity as the hunted Black King of Burst Link, the manga version proves to be better because it held so much emotion and suspense in which the anime version hasn't been able to incorporate.

Furthermore, I was a bit disappointed (though nothing major) on the part where Haru visited Chiyu on her house. I was expecting Chiyu to be angrier and more emotional than how she was portrayed in the anime. Manga-wise, I was more into the emotions that Chiyu possessed in the manga.

Personally, this episode turned out boring except for two shocking revelations - that Kuro is in fact The Black King and that Chiyu might be the Kuro's starker, Cyan Pile. Aside from that, the other scenes are just mediocre  watch.

Having said the things above, I will still give this series a go considering that Accel World has other good points than just the scenes. The storyline is still at good, though a little predictable (I don't care about that :D). The OP song was just good enough, though not that amazing. On the other side, the ending song was really great. KOTOKO's voice is another thing why I am so watching this series. :) The use of dramatic background music on Kuro's confession part was also very suitable for the scene and I loved it.

The direct link between Haru and Chiyu using just a very short cable was a fun scene for me and honestly, I thought it could lead to a perverted scenes but fortunately, it didn't. That scene was a very emotionally-effective scene and I was totally affected. What's not just clear to me is Chiyu's real feeling for Haru. She might just want to bring back their old trio friendship together with Taku. To bring back the past where they we're happy friends, but then I thought she might just be jealous of Kuro.

And now, there's Taku. Have already read the manga, I decided that Taku is another very interesting character. I don't want to get into details 'cause it might become a major spoiler but yeah, Taku is a must watch out.

I also want to point out that Haru, Taku and Chiyu are very cute as children. Kawaii!!!

In conclusion, I hope the next episode will hold more emotions that this one to better connect with the viewers. I'm still watching this but it better bring in good upcoming episode when it comes to portraying emotions. At this point, it's safe to say that this series is pretty much very interesting and a must watch. :)

P.S. Storyline, just like I've said, is very good. Looking forward to the coming episodes. :)


  1. The episode was slower than the others, but I liked it regardless. Its still a two cour series so we have plenty of time...

    1. your absolutely right...i realized that we just have to give this series time to develop... :)