Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Re-embracing the Art of Anime Blogging

It's a little over 2 months since my last post and I was kind of giving up on my blog. Needless to say my job has kept me restless and busy for the past couple of months that I could not tend to keep my blog rolling. Apparently, serious blogging needs a lot of dedication and of course, you have to allocate a lot of your time just to make the blog working. As of now, I believe I could somehow make the time to write contents for my blog. Considering the aforementioned, I BELIEVE I'M BACK TO BUSINESS OF ANIME BLOGGING!!! :)

Back to writing.
Well, it's not really what you can completely call as getting back in business since I just did 3 previous posts. LOL But let me tell you, I'm trying my very best to come up with good content. With the help of online blogger friends and my love for anime, I think I could make this blogging more worth the time and effort.

But just like I said, I was almost on the verge of not continuing my quest for anime blogging. Statistics shows that a lot of anime blogs have been down and are not anymore active, the reasons of which I don't know.

Thanks to my friend Feal87 from who told me kind words of encouragement. It's really something that boosted my confidence in my writing and will to continue what I have started. Honestly, I don't know how to start since I'm still obviously a noobie. But I believe things are better started from scratch and made with the guidance of those that are have more experience that you are.

And so together with my pen and paper(of which I use because I usually do manual writing), more posts would be posted in my blog. :) What I'm just hoping the most is that you would appreciate my work. And also, comments are most welcome here 'cause there are nothing more effective for basis of improvements than comments from other people. So CIAO for now but we'll say hi again some other time for as soon as possible. CIAO MY KAWAII FRIENDS!!! :)


  1. Good luck with your endeavor! :)

    P.S. It's 87! I'm not THAT old! :P

    1. lol... i know right :)

      I already have it changed.

      really, thank you so much feal87... :)

  2. Time is all you need to get back on track. Take your time when blogging. I myself am having a real life issue but I still take time to blog every now and then. Besides, blogging is only a hobby to me and not a way of life. That way I can still focus on both life and blogging at an evenly pace. Time and real life are indeed mighty obstacles but surely you'll overcome them and find the right moment whenever you can to post something fun. Rock on dood, rock on!