Thursday, April 5, 2012

Second Wave of Zombie Madness Brewing Up

The zombie and the pink chainsaw is finally back. Ayumu Aikawa and the rest of the gang is ready to make a lot of anime fans happy with the second season of much-loved series Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? (formally entitled Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead). Aired on Tokyo MX, the first episode made its broadcast on April 4, 2012.

Because the first episode was just aired very recently, I guess it's the perfect time to make a first impression review on this one. I'll start by saying that this season has a lot of reasons to be interesting. First reason is because its just as outrageously funny as the first season, impossibly making you bored as you watch it. The bareback Haruna who thought her powers are back is absolutely my favorite funny moment of the episode. Aikawa's cross-dressing is another thing I've always love from season one.

I'm absolutely happy that the whole bunch is back but I'm happier with the fact that additional interesting characters Sarasvati and Chris, would make this season a lot more better to watch out for.

I should say the ending theme was impressive minus the fact that I don't find the song used very memorable. Oh yeah the video was good but the song was a different matter. Let's just say that the song was not on my genre of choice.

However, the first episode failed to give us cues as to what the following episodes have in store for us and how the storyline would flow. Also, the 'Fairy' of whom Aikawa encountered in the science lab still doesn't have a clear view on her role in the series. But her cuteness and obvious funny antics are just some addition to things to watch out for.

Eu has always been my favorite and that's just another reason why I'm so much relieved that the second season is finally here. She has always been trying to flirt with Aikawa but I think that's what makes her cuter.

Eucliwood Hellscythe

In totality, the series has made a good start in its second season just like how we expect it to be. All I hope is that the coming episodes wouldn't disappoint us. If this is what a zombie apocalypse is like, I'd be more than willing to participate. :)


  1. The 1st season pissed me off far, far too much for me to even bother giving the 2nd season any attention whatsoever. Sure, Eu is adorable and awesome but her alone isn't enough to force me into watching this overrated turd again.

    1. you can say that...i must admit that there are a lot of times that this series' antics has gone exaggerated but personally, I am alright with that... :) but I honestly respect your honesty :)